Termite Detection System
Termite Detection System

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TDS II Detects Termites and Bed Bugs

Patent Number: US 6,255,652 B1
Date Issued: July 3, 2001
TDS Detects Termites and Bed Bugs

The Professional TDS Termite and Bed Bug Detector

The TDS has a new design and upgraded sensor technology Our original TDS Unit still does a great job for pest control operators all over the world, however with new advances in technology and design we have now created the next generation of TDS detectors.

BBD-100 Personal Bed Bug Detector for Home and Travel

Along with the professional TDS, we offer a personal unit that detects bed bugs and is designed fo home and travel. The BBD-100 is available for purchase at the Find Bed Bugs Now website.

Find Bed Bugs Now

•Pinpoint Accuracy     •Detects Termites and Bed Bugs     •Affordable     •Reduced Claims     •Increased Customer Service     •Environmentally Friendly     •No False Readings     •Higher Earning Potential     •Easy Operation     •Financing Available     •Edge Out Your Competition     •rder Today


First and foremost TDS is the very best tool on the market for finding hidden termites. Since 2003 our quest has been to constantly use new technology to improve our Termite Detection Capabilities. ATTENTION! The Termite Detection System is also a useful tool to help LOCATE HIDDEN BED BUGS

Termites are our business, but the current Pandemic of Bed Bug Infestations, has prompted several of our Termite Detection Customers to call and let us know that their TDS unit is effective at detecting hidden bed bugs too.


Detects Termites and Bed Bugs

For additional information or to place an order, please call 910-448-1003, contact or email Termite Detection Systems Inc. Additional features include a charging status indicator, sensor failure indication, sensor test mode, “AA” batteries, probe filters, and shock resistant carrying case.


TDS Videos

TDS Detects 2 Termites


TDS Find 3 Termites


TDS Detects Bed Bugs


Finding Drywood Termites


Accurate and Sensitive

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Patent Number: US 6,255,652 B1
Date Issued: July 3, 2001
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